Cinnamon 6


Cinnamon 6

In 1904, the average American consumed about 4 or 5 pounds of refined sugar per year. Today, Americans consume close to that amount of refined sugar every week! Aside from causing an explosion of diabetes and obesity, this massive upsurge in sugar consumption has a direct effect on the proliferation of cancer.

Cinnamon 6 is a high quality all natural dietary supplement that can help you maintain a healthy glucose (blood sugar) level. Made from all natural ingredients, the Seven “Miracle Elements” found in Cinnamon 6 provide incredible synergistic benefits for stabilizing glucose levels.

The herbs in Cinnamon 6 will help lower glucose levels by:

  • Improving Fat metabolism

  • Stimulating the pancreas

  • Improving Capillary function

  • Metabolizing glucose in cells

  • Stimulating insulin receptors

  • Inhibiting deactivating enzymes

Today there are more than 20 million diabetics in the United States with 4,200 more diagnosed everyday. In 2005 a reported 225,000 Americans died from diabetes related complications, making diabetes the number 6 killer of all diseases.

Cinnamon 6 is a natural way to get back to a healthier you!

The ingredients in Cinnamon 6 have been scientifically proven by the United States Department of Agriculture, Harvard Medical School and more importantly by thousands of satisfied customers.

Cinnamon 6 come in a convenient organic capsule form, with 243 capsules per bottle.  

Adult Dosage: For a 150 pound person, take 3 capsules, 3 times a day before meals. (1 capsule per 50 pounds of body weight). Take capsules with a glass of water.